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5 Tips for Great Customer Service

Customer service is the one thing that sets businesses apart in today’s world. If you look at the companies that are successful and withstand the test of time, you will see even the smallest companies succeeding if they practice excellent customer service, putting the customers’ needs before anything else. In this infographic, we highlight 5 tips for great customer service. Follow these, and you are sure to be on top of your game.

5 Tips For Great Customer Service

5 Tips for Great Customer Service

  1. Put Yourself in Their Shoes: Show that you care and that you will find the solution. When you put yourself in their shoes, you can better understand what they are going through by imagining how you would feel if you were in their situation. Having empathy for the customer you are helping also goes a long way towards comforting them and helps make them feel confident that you care and have the power to find a solution that will provide resolution for their problem or concern.
  2. Solutions, Not Excuses: Act to solve the problems, not make excuses for them. Since you have the power to resolve the situation, just focus on that, rather than making excuses for what went wrong. Outline the steps you will be taking to resolve the situation.
  3. Love at the First Sign: From the moment you start talking, make them feel connected. Your tone and attitude all come through over the phone. It is important to smile and convey your sense of caring and confidence. The customer on the other end of the line will not only appreciate this but will calm down once they realize you are there to help and you care.
  4. WOW Effect: Always give your customers more than what they expect to get. Going above and beyond for the customers will always help you achieve your goal of delivering excellent customer service and resolving problems for them.
  5. Positive Language: Use positive words to explain the problems and solutions. Practice using positive words to help convey how you will solve problems for them. Remaining positive will help prevent the customer on the other end of the phone from getting negative.

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