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Tips for Dealing with an Angry Customer

When your agents are handling customer service calls, an angry or upset caller is sometimes inevitable. However, the way that they handle the call can help diffuse a negative situation and quickly turn it into a positive interaction. Instruct your agents to follow these tips for dealing with an angry customer.

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Tips for dealing with an angry customer

  • Listen: Many upset callers just want to be heard. Taking the time to listen to them will diffuse much of their anger.
  • Repeat their Concerns: Part of the process of dealing with an angry customer is taking the time to repeat what you understand their concerns are before outlining a plan of action to resolve the problems.
  • Actively Sympathize: Tell your agents that sympathizing with the callers helps to diffuse their anger. Saying things like “I understand how that can be frustrating” and “I am sorry for the trouble you are having”.
  • Be a Real Person: Make sure that your agents don’t read from scripts and always act genuinely.
  • Remain Calm: If your agents get upset or give into yelling, it won’t help matters any. Always tell you agents to stay calm and never take the calls personally.
  • Follow Up: Have your agents always follow up with any problem calls to ensure satisfaction.

This list of 6 tips for dealing with an angry customer will provide valuable information for the agents who work for your call center to provide the best customer support possible. Based on the list in this infographic, you can learn to help your agents handle themselves well on even the most challenging calls and resolve issues for angry callers quickly and efficiently.

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