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Achieving an effective repertoire for telesales is no easy task. It takes skills and practice to master this challenge. Refer to this infographic for tips you can provide to your agents on effective telesales.

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  • Organize and prepare in advance: Before taking live calls, be sure to prepare your agents physically and mentally to sit at their desk and take calls. Have all of the materials ready and even have your agents keep this infographic handy to polish their telesales skills.
  • Prepare a script but never read from it: Just as you wouldn’t like someone to read to you over the phone, customers won’t appreciate it either. Have your agents learn your company’s script and keep some common responses handy, but never make it sound like they are reading them. Reading a script makes an agent sound like a robot and imparts a feeling that they don’t care to have a personal interaction with the caller.
  • Know the purpose of the call and have a secondary objective: Setting goals is the mark of a good sales person. Your agent’s secondary objective doesn’t always have to be sales focused, especially if their primary objective is. The secondary objective could be a positive rating or feedback.
  • Generate interest in the first 10 seconds of the call: Prompt service is always important in any phone communications. Generating interest quickly not only boosts your agent’s chances of a positive outcome, but also fulfills the goal of a quick call.
  • Ask the right questions: This is something that your agents will learn over time. Have them keep a list of the right questions to ask in different situations.
  • Practice makes you perfect: Telesales can be challenging, but practice is the best way to achieve your company’s goals and be successful.

This list of 6 tips for effective telesales is a handy resource for ensuring that your agents’ skills will deliver your company’s goals. Based on the list in this infographic, your agents can learn to handle themselves well on even the most challenging calls and solve issues for callers quickly and efficiently.

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