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Stop Laboring and Start Loving Your Work

Millions of Americans in corporate America get the day off for “Labor Day,” which is “held in honor of working people”.

Back in 1894 when Labor Day was enacted, the workforce consisted mainly of manual laborers who literally built the country from coast to coast. Though the jobs have changed, the sentiment of Labor Day remains the same: a tribute to the millions of people, who through their commitment to work make America a global force and economic leader.


But is one day a year enough to reward today’s workforce for the commitment to their jobs? We’re working longer hours than ever before, taking on more responsibility, and with technology like cell phones and tablets, are often expected to be “always on”,  always available.


This Labor Day, take a moment away from the barbecues and pool parties to think about your work. Is “labor” – a word that connotes long hours, demanding bosses, rigid work schedules and hours spent commuting – what you want to associate with your job?


When you find the right opportunity, work doesn’t have to be so laborious. More and more people are finding ways to ditch the 9 to 5 grind while still earning a great living. One way is to start a home-based business providing call center services, and partner with Arise. In fact, 52% of all small businesses are home-based (Forbes).


You work from home  set your own schedule, choose the time of day you want to work, work as little or as much as you want and cut out the commute and long hours.

Support of a global partner


As a business owner using the Arise® Platform, your company will be part of a global network, and have access to great project opportunities with trusted brands in fields such as travel, communications, retail, healthcare and telecommunications. Not ready to start a business? You can learn the ropes and see if this opportunity is right for you by joining one of the many established call center businesses already using the Arise® Platform. Rather than a token day off from your Labor once a year, start celebrating empowerment, the freedom of being your own boss, controlling your schedule and achieving better work/life balance all year long.

This Labor Day, find out more  about becoming a business owner or begin the registration process today.

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