If you’re burned out from heavy workloads, long hours and unrelenting stress; if you’re sick of feeling like a drone going through the motions, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans dream of being able to leave corporate America to do something they really love.

Here are the top nine reasons employees give for wanting to leave their job, start their own work-from-home business and be their own boss:


No commuting means spending your time in more productive ways. Dumping the commute also saves money: less vehicle maintenance, lower fuel costs and no transit expenses.

2. Reduce costs

Cut down on spending. You don’t have to buy an expensive wardrobe – which means less dry cleaning. Then, there is food. Many employees have good intentions of packing a lunch every day. But how many actually do?

3. Flexibility

Not being restricted to a Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 schedule means freedom. Work when you want. Set your own schedule. Work at odd hours if you want to.

4. Work/life balance

Rather than work dictating your life, you call the shots. You can focus on family and the things you love while also fulfilling financial responsibilities.

5. Being your own boss

Is your boss demanding? Unrealistic about workloads? Constantly looking over your shoulder? Working for yourself, you make the decisions. No one else is telling you what to do. You drive your business.

6. Less stress

Numerous studies show that work is the number one source of stress. And we all know stress negatively impacts health. Working for yourself reduces stress with a sense of independence and empowerment.

7. Break free from the cubicle

The benefits and comfort of working from home cannot be underestimated. You can create the environment you want, be close to family – and end thermostat temperature wars with coworkers.

8. Ditch the politics

Oftentimes, knowing how to play the game gets you much farther than hard work and dedication. Talent doesn’t necessarily lead to promotion. Climbing the corporate ladder and corporate politics can be exhausting and frustrating.

9. Meaningful work

Do you want to just show up and collect a paycheck? Or want to do work that you enjoy?


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