Get the 411 on the Arise® Platform from Dee L., a call center company owner using the platform.

How Did You Hear About the Arise® Platform?
I heard about the Arise® Platform while I was searching on the internet, there was a link on Facebook. I saw the link and I was like, starting my own business wouldn’t be so bad, so I decided to give it a try.

What Was the Process Like Signing Up for the Arise® Platform?
The process for signing up for the Arise® Platform was pretty easy. You go on the website,  follow a few prompts and you’re registered.

How Long Did it Take For You to Get Started Using the Arise® Platform?
From registration, to when I actually started to attend the certification course, it took me probably about 3 weeks, to get everything done because I had to make sure that my computer system was compatible with the client’s systems. After I started the certification course, it was about 5 weeks and I was on the phone taking calls.

Did Anything Make You Nervous About Signing Up for the Arise® Platform?
The first thing that made me nervous about signing up for the Arise® Platform was that I wasn’t going to be able to handle having my own business. I wasn’t sure because I tried before to have my own business and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to have the money and time to do it. But the Arise® Platform made it so easy for me that my nervousness went away very quickly.

Now That You Are Running Your Own Virtual Call Center Business, What Do You Love About it?
I love the clients that I service and I love working with the customers on the phone. The client’s customers are like the heartbeat for me because even if I’m having a bad day I talk to them and all of that goes away. Having to smile on the phone, and help them out and feeling their joy when I help resolve their issue, makes me feel good.

Would You Recommend the Arise® Platform to a Friend?
Yes, I would definitely recommend the Arise® Platform to a friend. I would recommend the Arise® Platform to everybody, to be honest with you. Women who have children and want to spend more time with their children, or want to be able to do things in the home or outside of the home. Even if they have another job and they want to use this opportunity as extra income – I think it’s awesome.

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