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Arise offers a unique virtual technology and support platform that makes it easy to operate a virtual support business from home. Expand your bookkeeping business by helping other QuickBooks users from the comfort of your home. 

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Intuit QuickBooks is seeking Bookkeepers and Accounting professionals who are able to share their expertise by assisting QuickBooks clients.

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A day in the life supporting Intuit QuickBooks:

  • Leverage your Intuit QuickBooks software expertise to provide support to other bookkeepers
  • Research, analyze and determine an appropriate course of action for QuickBooks customers
  • Provide quality customer service while demonstrating the ability to effectively troubleshoot and resolve advanced technical inquiries

Benefits of using the Arise® Platform:


  • No commute or dry cleaning expenses!
  • The option to work as little or as much as you want
  • Flexible hours to select from

Lucy Zilio’s Interview with a Canadian Virtual Support Company Owner

Thousands of Canadians are running virtual support companies from home, using the Arise® Platform.

Lose the Commute and Spend More Time with Family and Friends

Watch this TunedIn interview with Darlene Brown, President of ACME Agents, a virtual support company using the Arise® Platform.

Cost of Getting Started
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System and Equipment Requirements

In order to use the Arise® Platform, the system and equipment policy detailed here must be met. Certain client programs may have additional requirements.

Prior to selecting a client program, you will have access to the Opportunity Announcement which details requirements above and beyond the ones listed below.

The Registration Process in Canada


In just a few days, and for a minimal investment, you can establish your own call centre company and be registered to have access to Canadian client opportunities on the Arise® Platform — turning your work from home dream into a reality.

To register you must have the business number (BN) of your company, or the company you are registering as an agent of.

  1. Create a simple profile. It only takes five minutes.


  1. Record the voice assessment. Click on Start Now under Voice Assessment in the registration dashboard to start. Follow the instructions accurately before you start the assessment
  2. Complete the eID Verificationvia the third-party vendor.
  3. Order the Background Check
  4. Sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is when you get to access the names of the prestigious client opportunities available.


  1. Register your company, submit your company’s business number or, if you are working for a call centre company already in the Arise network, submit the ID of the company you will be working for.


If you are not ready to start a business…

Many Canadian Call Centres that use the platform are accepting new agents – visit our Canadian Facebook page to engage with the thousands of company owners and their agents who gather there. You may also download this pdf of the top performing Canadian call centre companies accepting new agents.  Please note provision of this list is not an endorsement of any one call centre.




If you are launching your own virtual call centre…

 You will need to apply for a BN from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  When forming your corporation, you will receive a company number if no business name is requested.  You will need to apply for a BN from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The BN is assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  The business number (BN) identifies a business and associated account/s.  Information about the CRA BN programs can be found at:

Please see the following websites to request a BN: or

For assistance in forming your own corporation, you may contact Corporation Centre: . You may also contact them via phone at 1-866-906-2677.

Once your BN is submitted, you will be asked to sign a Master Service Agreement (MSA)


  1. Review the client opportunities available, and select one that works for you and your company.  Be sure to review the Opportunity Announcement, which provides the important details about each client project.When you’re ready, enroll in a certification course that works with your schedule.  These are highly specialized, instructor-led online courses. Most come with a fee that ranges as low as $9. These courses are required by clients and provide details about the client’s systems and the requirements of the client program. These programs are client driven and certify the agents of call centre companies using the Arise® Platform to interact with the brand’s customers after passing an assessment that validates they understand client call types, performance metrics, client systems, and more.

Then prepare to service your clients and start earning revenue!
Upon successful completion of the certification course companies sign a Statement of Work (SOW) for each client program you, or your agents, choose to service.  SOWs are generally three months in duration.

Canadian Background Check FAQs

The Canadian Registration Process
Background Check FAQs
Why is it important to complete a background check?
Background checks are required by the enterprise clients providing the servicing opportunities for security purposes.  Many clients will be providing access to their confidential customer information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card data. The checks screen those registering to use the Arise® Platform to ensure each is free of disqualifying criminal history and their identity is validated.
Arise does not allow usage of the platform by anyone who has been convicted of or pled guilty to certain felony or misdemeanor charges; including but not limited to theft, fraud, identity theft, or other similar violations.

How do I complete a background check?
The background check report is initiated by you and conducted by an independent third-party background search company.  All background checks are conducted in accordance with applicable law.

If a background check was done by a previous employer and I can obtain a copy, will that work?
Unfortunately, Arise cannot accept prior background checks.

What is the step-by-step process for completing a background check?
Once the profile and voice assessments have been completed, the registrant will receive notice through the Arise portal that it is time to complete the background check. At this point, the registrant should be sure to read all details provided as they are important to observe when completing the background check. Following a detailed review the registrant should proceed as follows:
Select ‘Proceed to Website’ button; this will take you to the third-party vendor’s site where you will provide important identifying details to complete the background check order.
The first part of the order is the ID Verification process
This part must be submitted, paid for, and returned as CLEAR before continuing to the Canadian Criminal Record Check
The second and final part is the Canadian Criminal Record Check. Once you have completed and passed (with a CLEAR result) the ID Verification, you may order the Canadian Criminal Record Check.
This part must be submitted, paid for, and returned as CLEAR before you may continue registration on the Arise® Platform.

Where does the registrant go when they are directed away from the platform registration website to request the background check (vendor, website, etc.)?
After selecting ‘Proceed to Website’ the registrant will be directed to secure website of  the third party that provides the background check service.

What information will I have to provide?

You will provide the following details. This information is vital to complete the two-part order process:

Full legal name

All other names you have ever been known by

Current Address

Previous addresses

ID Number

Date of birth

Phone number(s)

Email address

How can I communicate with the background check vendor?
In the event your account with the background check vendor becomes locked, you will need to reach out to them directly.

How long does the process take?
The background check process can take 3-4 business days. Some registrants may find their reports are returned the same day. Entering accurate information can speed up the timeline!

What sort of issues will hinder the outcome of a background check?
Be sure to complete the background check order completely and accurately; provide all details requested. If additional details or verification is required, the vendor will contact you.  Current and previous address history may be requested.

How do I dispute a background check if needed?
The dispute process is handled by the background check vendor. If an unclear result is returned you will receive communication directly from the background check vendor via Canada Post.  Arise is unable to assist with any background check dispute.
Do I have to complete a new background check for each opportunity I register or is this a one-time deal?
The registration background check results are good for one year. Should an additional background check be required as part of a client opportunity enrollment, the details will be listed in the opportunity announcement available prior to expressing interest in the opportunity.

Ready to start working from home?

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