When your company is providing inbound support to customers over the phone, do you know what matters the most? This infographic breaks down just how important each of these customer service skills are. Following this list will help you prioritize your agent’s customer service routine and keep their skills polished.

Here is a percentage breakdown of which customer service skills are most important:

  • Good communication and listening: 31%
  • Friendliness and positive attitude: 18%
  • Knowledge and resolving issues: 15%
  • Honesty and consistency: 15%
  • Personal attention: 12%
  • Promptness: 9%

Good Communication and Listening
Customer service over the phone will always force your agents to rely heavily on communication and listening. Because the person on the other end can’t see the agent for visual cues, they must impart your sincerity and expertise through verbal communication. That means quick responses, attentiveness, and showing the customer that your agents are listening by using communication tactics like repeating what an agent understands as to why the customer calling and outlining a plan of action for resolution.

Friendliness and Positive Attitude
Conveying your friendliness and positive attitude over the phone is imperative. Did you know that the person on the other end can tell when your agent is smiling? In addition, when a person smiles, he or she will tend to be more positive and happy. An agent can’t help resolve someone’s customer service issue with a negative attitude, so start from the beginning with that friendly and positive outlook.

Knowledge and Resolving Issues
Of course, all of the good communication, listening skills, and positive attitude can’t solve problems alone. They need to be accompanied by knowledge of the product or service and your agent’s ability to resolve the issue. Even when policies prevent an agent from outright solving a problem without escalation, they can still outline how an issue will be resolved. An agent’s knowledge of the product or service your company is representing will instill confidence and improve satisfaction when the customer believes your agent knows what they are talking about and can resolve their issue for them.

Honesty and Consistency
Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to customer service. If your agent is ever unsure of an answer, tell them to let the caller know that they will find out rather than giving an answer that might be incorrect. Honesty helps your company provide consistent customer service.

Personal Attention
There are a few simple things your agents can do to ensure your company is providing each caller with that personal attention that will make them feel special. Remember their name and repeat it throughout the call and pay close attention to their details, don’t generalize something that you hear from other callers, no matter how common.

You want your agents to answer calls as quickly as possible. Beyond that, you also want to quickly handle the issue with each call to provide prompt resolution too.

This list of 6 customer service skills illustrates which ones matter the most. Based on the list in this infographic, you can learn to help your agents handle themselves well on even the most challenging calls and solve issues for callers quickly and efficiently.

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