Latonya P.

Tell us about yourself. What brought you to the Arise® Platform?

Well, as a far as personal introductions, I am Latonya. I am hitting year 36 in my marriage this coming July—I’m very proud of that—we have three grown children and six grandchildren, and I happen to think they are some of the prettiest people on the planet. They have all followed different paths. Two are in the medical field and one is a photographer. I am from Ohio, so The OSU Buckeyes are big there—and we call it Buckeye Nation—but I now live in North Carolina and love it since I can reach a beach in less than 4 hours.

I began my journey in 2012 with the Arise® Platform for two separate reasons. I feel teenagers need more parenting, and when they’re teenagers there are other challenges going on, and I wanted to be more available for them. There was also a change of life event at a certain point in my life where my father developed cancer, and soon after my mother developed dementia. Although they both lost their battle, I joined the Arise® Platform to be able to support them however needed, and be with them through their fight! Those are the primary reasons I partnered with Arise.

What do you think attracts people to Arise® Platform?

For me, initially I think it was the ability to work from home and the flexibility to schedule when you work. Now, ten years, later it’s the flexibility. The flexibility is important. Young mothers and fathers need the flexibility to work around newborns and education.

Favorite food:

Oh goodness [laughs], that’s a hard one because I consider myself a foodie. Fun fact: I am an Elite Yelper! After our kids were out of the house, we shut our kitchen down and started going out to eat a lot. But my favorite food is probably a toss-up between Indian and Mediterranean.

Favorite movie:

This is going to date me a little, but I love musicals, and this is an old musical: 7 Brides for Seven Brothers! It’s funny. My kids still tease me about it and ask if I like it, and I’m like, “of course, I do!”

Favorite pastime/hobbies:

My husband and I like to travel. We try to take a trip as often as we can. We’ve been to El Salvador, Ecuador, Santa Cruz, and different parts of the United States: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico. We’ve been to Canada a couple of times, and we’re planning a trip to Turks and Caicos! We have also been to several spots in the Caribbean such as St. Lucia, Antigua; US Virgin Islands, Nassau, and Freeport Bahamas, and Haiti.

Our bucket list of places is: Greece, Amalfi Coast of Italy; Africa; Thailand; and various parts of Europe, and of course Alaska—to see the stunning Northern Lights—and Australia! – Pretty much everywhere [laughs].

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