4 Key Customer Needs to Tackle for Better Phone Support

Providing customer service and the best phone support doesn’t come without practice. It is a skill to be honed and requires dedication. We want your company’s agents to be successful while using the Arise Platform and a big part of that is tending to the customers’ needs on the other end of the phone line. When your call center’s agents are successful at customer service, your entire business will be successful. The below infographic covers 4 key customer service needs that you should tackle to provide better phone support. These tips will help you deliver the best customer experience possible.

4 Key Customer Needs to Tackle for Better Phone Support

  1. Attention: Customers need to feel they are the center of your attention. They want to know that you recognize their value and expect you to act accordingly. Make sure not to have any background noises or distractions while you are taking calls. Take time to listen and repeat what their concerns are to show you are paying attention.
  2. Empathy: Customers need to feel that you understand and appreciate their circumstances and feelings without criticism or judgement. Let them know you are listening, apologize if there is a problem, and tell them how you are going to resolve the issue they are calling about.
  3. Acceptance: Embrace who the customer is and accept them for who they are. Make the emotional connection. When you have empathy, acceptance is the next step.
  4. Appreciation: Make it personal. Ask yourself, “What will show this person I appreciate their time, attention, and consideration?” Always thank the customer for calling and thank them for being a customer.

More About the Arise Platform

The Arise Platform  offers a work from home opportunity making it easy for anyone to operate their own call center business right from home. It gives you the freedom to be your own boss, set your own hours, and work from the comfort of your own home. Being your own boss means taking charge of your call center, which must include a strong focus on customer service. The tips in this infographic will help your company provide the customer service support that is expected from the Fortune 500 companies you service when taking inbound customer service calls for your home-based call center business.

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