Most realtors will agree, one of the drawbacks from selling properties is the lack of a steady stream of income. The inconsistencies in home sales can cause anxiety because of the unknown. The Arise® Platform gives you the opportunity to expand your entrepreneurial reach by adding a home-based call center business to your repertoire. Now, you can finally have control over those gaps in sales and bring in an income that supplements the in-between times.

Virtual Customer Support is a Perfect Business Opportunity for Realtors
Registering to use the Arise® Platform gives you access to the perfect business opportunity for realtors. Running your own call center caters to your entrepreneurial spirit, allowing you to remain your own boss and using the Arise® Platform allows you to schedule your hours around showings and closings. Even better, the clients are provided for you, so that challenge is taken out of the equation with this home-based business opportunity. Clients available through the Arise® Platform are Fortune 500 companies. You have the ability to choose the industry and the client that suits you.

There is even more appeal for realty professionals to start their own mini call centers and register to use the Arise® Platform because there are opportunities to provide customer service support to companies in the homesharing and travel industries, which you are already familiar with. As a plus, you already have your own company set up which takes a step out of the usual registration process to use the Arise® Platform. With your entrepreneurial mindset, that drives your self-motivation to work and earn income, you are primed for success with running your own call center company.

The Arise® Platform also provides your company access to many different industries, that you could provide customer service support to, in addition to homesharing and travel including:

  • Healthcare
  • Tax preparation
  • Home services and home repair
  • Car rental
  • Luxury retail

Primed for Success
The Arise® Platform allows you to operate your call center company whenever you choose with hours scheduled around showings or open houses. Also, if you hire more agents to work for your call center company business they can register to service on the Arise® Platform as well.

A Unique Way to Add Income
The Arise® Platform presents a very unique business opportunity for entrepreneurial realtors interested in starting their own call center businesses:

  • Earn extra income in between house showings or during slow periods.
  • Work from home.
  • Choose the projects that match your skills as well as your earnings expectations.
  • Hire agents and grow your business from anywhere.

Have questions? Watch this video for an overview of the registration process.

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