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To describe Cindy Riley as a giving person is an understatement. After all, she is the adoptive mother of four children, two of whom have special needs. She also gave 15 years of her life to corporate America without getting much in return. Cindy gave as much of her time and attention to her children as she could, but didn’t feel it was enough as she struggled as a single mom after her husband passed away. Then, in 2012, Cindy started her own business that finally gave her something back – her life.  

“When my husband passed away in 2008, all of a sudden I was a single parent with four children that require a lot of attention,” says Riley. “The idea of working in an office, commuting every day and having to rely on day care and babysitters was not what I wanted for my life or my kids’ lives. I wanted a legitimate work-at-home business opportunity that would allow me to schedule work around my life and not the other way around.” 

Cindy had heard about Arise from a friend, and the rest as they say, is history. 

Registering to use the Arise® Platform 

Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc. maintains a network of tens of thousands call center companies that provide customer service, sales and technical call center support to top Fortune 500 companies. Business owners, like Cindy, enjoy the flexibility of earning a living while working from home, scheduling when they want to work, and being their own boss. 

Cindy launched her business, KahlCenter, LLC in 2012 after meeting her now partner, Hans Kahl. The two knew they wanted to start their own business but without the high overhead costs or difficulty. The Arise® Platform offered the perfect opportunity. Once Cindy and Hans established their own company, they were able to join the other call center companies already using the Arise® Platform and enjoy all the infrastructure, resources and support that the business-to-business partnership provides.

“The whole process was easy, from establishing our company, purchasing the small amount of equipment, taking the certification courses and starting our service contracts,” says Cindy. “One of the most exciting aspects of using the Arise® Platform is you already have at your fingertips a range of clients to service including some prestigious, well-known companies I could never dream of working with before now.” 

In the early stages of launching their business, Cindy was providing most of the customer service support for a major cruise line herself. Yet, she was able to schedule her work at her discretion so that she could enjoy the flexibility of staying at home and taking care of her children. “I wanted to bring harmony to my work and personal life, and Arise made that vision possible. I also knew it afforded me the opportunity to grow my business as little or as much as I wanted, the decision was all mine.” 
Ultimately, Cindy and Hans decided to grow their business, and grow it did. 

How Starting Her Own Business Helped Hundreds of Other Moms Work From Home

Having experienced first-hand the many benefits of using the Arise® Platform, Cindy’s giving nature sparked a desire to give that same opportunity to other single and/or stay-at-home moms. Cindy had an extensive network of other adoptive mothers who were in search of the ability to make a living while staying at home with their children. Her partnership with Hans, a military veteran, had also introduced her to hundreds of military wives who struggled with maintaining a job while being stationed in multiple locations, or who sought the same ability to stay home with their children. 

As a business owner using the Arise® Platform, Cindy is able to hire fellow moms to work as agents, providing services to clients during intervals that fit with their schedule and lifestyle. “I love helping other moms attain the lifestyle and benefits that I’ve experienced,” said Cindy. “One of the most rewarding aspects of working as an agent is that they have control over all aspects of their work – from scheduling when to work, to even having control over their own pay because it is all performance-based. They decide when they want a raise!”

Many agents ultimately decide they want to establish their own companies as well. “We encourage any of our agents if they have the desire to start their own business, to go for it. I enjoy being a mentor and role model to other moms, and to show them the tremendous growth potential and possibilities being a business owner can bring.”

Today, Cindy and Hans’ company has more than doubled in size in the last year. They currently engage 320 agents, with another 180 in the process of joining. More important to them, Cindy and Hans have helped many others move on to establish their own small businesses and achieve their dreams. 

Believe in the Possibility, Make the Call

Today, Cindy can’t imagine commuting anywhere beyond her home office. Yet there was a time when doing anything other than a 9 to 5 job in an office seemed equally inconceivable. Her advice to other women who want to have it all is simple: just believe. “It’s attainable if you want it. You just need to believe in yourself, your abilities, and go for it. There’s little to lose and so much to gain. Starting my own company and using the Arise® Platform is the best thing I ever did for myself, and my family. The opportunity is there, it is your call, now just make it.” 

Register today!  Arise Virtual Solutions is an industry leader and has been featured on many national news segments, such as: Good Morning America, Bloomberg Television, Fox News, CNN, and the TODAY Show. Learn more about Arise.  

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