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“Dads are the most ordinary men, turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of songs.” Pam Brown

Many fathers choose to be their own boss and use the Arise® Platform due to the freedom and flexibility it affords them. Below are some additional reasons why more dads are choosing to work from home.

Work from Home Dads Can Do it All
Meeting deadlines, managing projects along with household chores, raising kids, and running errands can get overwhelming. But the beauty lies in the good things that struggle eventually brings; the smile on the little faces when you pick them up from soccer practice or that hug of appreciation when they enjoy your cooking. Work from home dads who run their own small businesses inspire their children to work hard, derive motivation from the outcome and rise victorious from the struggle.

 Time is on Your Side When You Work from Home
Managing time is one of the biggest challenges of working parents. And entrepreneurial, work-from-home dads have an advantage at this. From responding to the onslaught of e-mails to keeping monthly reports on track, while ensuring the kids are picked up from school on time, or the yard is tended to, such dads manage to check off their to-do lists by planning things in advance and prioritizing tasks. Children of dads running their own businesses from home can learn a great deal of time management and efficient planning.

No matter what career choices they make, fathers remains a primary source of learning and inspiration for their kids. So, what if the 20th century 9-5 working father, in a stiff business suit is replaced by the 21st century, pajama clad, cool dad who works via Skype?  The new generation of entrepreneurial dads re-evaluate the conventions of our society and bring a brand-new perspective to family, marriage and fatherhood.

If you are a dad who is ready to hang up his suit, and spend more time with his family, register today.

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