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Providing enthusiastic, respectful, and empathetic customer service takes some practice. Here is an infographic with 9 Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service. Keep these tips handy for when your company is providing customer support.

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  1. Know Your Product / Service: Keep up to date with the latest information and products of the client program your company is servicing.
  2. Be Friendly: Did you know that even though they can’t see you, customers on the other end of the phone can tell your agents are smiling?
  3. Say Thank You: Everyone likes to be thanked.
  4. Support Your Team: As a call center company owner, it is imperative that you provide feedback and support to your team of agents.
  5. Show Respect: Being respectful of not just the customers, but everyone involved is a best practice and shows professionalism and reflects well on all parties.
  6. Listen: Listening is the most important skill your agent can have on the phone. It leads them to be able to provide a high level of customer support because they understand what the person on the other end is saying and can take it from there.
  7. Be Responsive: Let the customers know your agents are hearing them and repeat what they understand the customers have said. Then, have your agents outline what they are going to do to resolve the customer’s issue and address the reason for their call.
  8. Ask for Feedback: When your agents ask for feedback, not only are you learning what the caller thinks, but you are also letting them know that your agents care about what they think and how they feel about the outcome of the call.
  9. Use Feedback You Receive: Take the feedback seriously and review what you can do to offer better customer support.

These 9 tips for providing excellent customer service are an integral part of your customer support arsenal. They will help your company to always be prepared for any customer service challenge that comes your way.

The Arise Work From Home platform offers a work from home opportunity that makes it easy for anyone to operate their own call center business right from home. It gives you the freedom to be your own boss, set your own hours, and work from the comfort of your own home. Being your own boss means taking charge of your call center, which must include a strong focus on customer service. These 9 tips will help you maintain an excellent repertoire and provide the inbound customer service support that is expected from the Fortune 500 companies your home-based call center business will be servicing.

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