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When you work from home it’s imperative that your home office is a space that fosters success and not stress.  Having an organized office will increase your productivity and give you more time to focus on operating your business. Below are some tips on how you can achieve home office organization perfection.

  1. Sort and Purge: The first step in organizing your home office is to sort your items into categories. Once you have everything sorted by categories, you can then sort them by timeline, and importance. As you are sorting, you will more than likely find things you can get rid of. Don’t clutter your space with unnecessary items. You can even sort the trash items into recycle, shred, garbage or donate categories.
  1. File: Once you have sorted and purged, you need a space to store all of your important documents, devices, and office accessories. Instead of creating chaos on your desk, buy a small filing cabinet that will allow for easy organization. You can even get a fireproof, or waterproof filing cabinet to ensure your documents stay safe!
  1. Reduce your cables: With so many devices, it’s difficult not to have tangled wires. Too many wires are not only a surefire way to trip but they’re also a fire hazard that can make your space seem much more cluttered. Unplug, and store electronics you don’t use daily, organize the remaining cables with binder clips, and invest in a surge protected power strip to reduce the risk of fried electronics during a power outage.
  1. Technology Overload: With so many devices it may feel like you have little to no space on your desk for note pads! It’s important to de-clutter your technology to free up your workspace. Only keep the necessities on the desk (phone, desktop, keyboard and mouse). Put your tower under your desk, and buy an all in one printer, fax machine and scanner to free up your space.
  1. Get Your Lighting Right: As part of your organizational process, it’s important to consider how lighting can affect your productivity, and mood. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your home office space, natural light is always the best option! There is something about looking outside for a moment to relax the mind and re-focus on what needs to be done. A second option is ambient lighting. Ambient light is a great stress reliever, and will help create a warm and comfortable atmosphere to get you through the day.
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